Narcissus tazetta
Convolvulus arvensis
Vicia sativa
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The Pakistan Flora (PakFlora)

Its an endeavour to develop a pictorial guide to the plants of our country with general introduction to the plant, scientific descriptions, common names (English), local names (in major Laguages spoken here like Saraiki, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi and Baloachi), and uses etc. We are trying to follow the latest APG III classification system. As far as families are concerned, you might not be able to find families like Alliaceae etc. Some of the families have been combined in this modern system into one. Also we've tried to present the current names of species i.e. names that are accepted and have avoided unresolved and illegitimate ones. However, this attempt has not been successful in all the cases because there are many unresolved names for which we could not find the alternatives or new names. This has been mentioned in such cases. If a species name looks different, it does not mean there is a mistake. It might have been a synonym but now an accepted one. This is NOT an official website of The Flora of Pakistan. It is a project of Freshbiology.
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